• Colourful Bunch With Free Chocolates

    Colourful Bunch With Free Chocolates

    From $76

    A guaranteed mood-lifting present available for speedy same day delivery.

  • Blush Pinks Arrangement With Free Chocolates

    Blush Pinks Arrangement With Free Chocolates

    From $80

    Delicate flower gift for your beloved with chocolates to sweeten her day.

  • Native Arrangement With Free Chocolates

    Native Arrangement With Free Chocolates

    From $80

    Rustic yet sweet ensemble of native flowers plus a free box of chocolates.

  • Bright Arrangement With Free Chocolates

    Bright Arrangement With Free Chocolates

    From $85

    Vivid and bright flowers plus chocolates to celebrate a memorable occasion.

  • Roses And Gerberas With Free Vase

    Roses And Gerberas With Free Vase

    From $90

    A fine mix of fresh roses and gerberas ready to deliver your best wishes.

  • Bright Bunch With Free Vase

    Bright Bunch With Free Vase

    From $99

    Let this vivid flower gift bring a rainbow of hope to the lucky recipient.

  • Natives With Free Vase

    Natives With Free Vase

    From $99

    Indulge yourself in a captivating display of fresh Aussie native flowers.

  • Simply Stylish With Free Chocs

    Simply Stylish With Free Chocs

    From $120

    Elegant ensemble of crisp, white, fragrant lilies in vase. With free chocs.



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Welcome to Lily's Florist Brisbane - the most highly regarded delivery florist in Brisbane QLD.

Are you celebrating your anniversary? Preparing for the first date? Or just showering your significant other with tokens of affection?

Featured Product:

New Baby Boy Arrangement - by Lily’s Florist Brisbane

You have a friend about to have a baby in the Mater in Brisbane  - Mater Mothers' Private Hospital

Raymond Tce, South Brisbane, 4101. She’s have a caesarean birth, the bonus is that you know what date she is having the baby. You are considering a number of gifts like teddy bears, but you really think she will like flowers more than any other gift. She knows she’s having a boy, and luckily, you do also, well at least than narrows it down by some margin. The question though still remains…what to buy her…

Why not consider flowers, more specifically, flowers especially designed for a new baby boy. Lily’s Florist Brisbane happens to specialise in just these flowers. This particular arrangement of flowers comes florist designed in a baby blue box, and contains a large variety of mixed seasonal flowers with blue tones. We have you covered in the gift compartment also as this flower gift comes exactly with that, a gift, in the way of a cute, smiley, and very cute teddy bear. Something for mum and bub to cuddles the nights away with. Incidentally you can save a whopping $20 by ordering these flowers today.

To order these flowers, to go to the Mater, please ensure you get your new baby flowers into us before 1pm the day you want them delivered. This way it gives the florist time to get prepare the best flowers possible, and to choose the best teddy bear for this amazing occasion.

Pro tip 1 - when ordering flowers for a hospital:

> Always order flowers in a box - that is an arrangement

> If you choose to order flowers that are not in a box, ensure you order a vase with the flowers are hospital never, and we mean ever, stock vases, therefore the flowers will last way longer

> Take your time to write an appropriate card message, and ensure you know the exact spelling of the new baby name

> Ensure you know the name of the hospital, odd as it sounds, the patient's name, the wing/ward number, and the best number

> If for any reason the patient is in surgery, or is in ICU, the flowers will usually be left at the nurses station, be patient

> Generally try picking, excuse the pun, flowers that are not overly scented

> Try and pick flowers with appropriate colours - blue for boy, pink/pastel for a girl

> Don’t leave your order to the last minute

When you order the flowers we also give you a free gift card so that you can personalise a message for your friend and bub.

> Lastly, please make sure the patient is still in the hospital

Pro tip 2 - odd ways to make flowers last long:

Sugar - Yes, you read that right. Sugar is a marvelous way to preserve the flowers you receive longer, just as long as you mix it well with plain old white vinegar. So say for a bouquet of flowers in a regular vase, you would do the following. Add 6 teaspoons of sugar to a 250mls of boiling water, mix it so it dissolves, wait until it fully cools then add your vinegar, about 4 teaspoons, then add the entire mix to your vase. As a rough guide that mix should cover the first 8 centimetres of the freshly cut stems.

Money - coins that is: If we still actually used 1 or 2 cent pieces, you would add around 2 to a vase with water, then a single sugar cube. The mix of the copper, and the sugar, inhibits the growth of bacteria, meaning your flowers will last far longer. Weird huh!

Laundry Bleach: Good old bleach, it's great for washing vegemite out of your kids’ clothes, so true, it’s a great and sterile floor cleaner but when added with sugar, to a vase with water, this will also give your flowers a way of living longer. So the measurements would be as follows: 2/8 a teaspoon of bleach blended with 1.5 teaspoons of sugar.

Roses: Go to your medical chest, find an Aspirin/Dispirin, dissolve it in hot water, wait until it cools, add it to your vase of roses. Long lasting roses - done! Follow this every 2 days.

You favourite White Rum: It seems almost sacrilegious to waste a good brew on flowers but, it is true, that only a few drops of your favourite white Rum, with half a teaspoon of sugar will make them last far longer, crazy! Footnote: You can also use Vodka too.

Lemonade/Sprite: Upon receiving your flowers, head down to Coles and graba bottle cheap lemonade. Head home, add your flowers to your favourite vase, add water so that roughly 5-7 centimetres of the stems of the flowers are covered with water, then add about ⅓ of a cup of lemonade. Ensure that the lemonade is room temperature before adding as adding it cold may stun or kill the flowers. Ensure to repeat the process every 2 days.

At Lily’s Florist Brisbane, we aspire to offer you the most memorable gift shopping experience any time for any special occasion that you plan to celebrate in Brisbane.

Our store is stocked with the perfect gift selections, guides on every floral arrangement you want to know about in Brisbane, as well as personality questions to enable you land on a customized and perfect gift for your special occasion. Oh, and guess what; we also send same day to other parts of Queensland like.

With Lily’s Florist Brisbane, shopping flowers for your loved ones will be a breeze! Our team of floral experts in Brisbane is continuously exploring fresh and unique ideas as well as gift concepts to present them to you all in a simple click so that you could shop from anywhere you are and at anytime.

If you are need of flower or gift assistance in Brisbane, do not hesitate to chat with our approachable and friendly staff that is always ready to attend to your needs. We are Brisbane’s leading floral gift delivery company specializing in delivering only the freshest and high quality flower arrangements as well as other products all over Brisbane city and throughout Australia.

We deliver a wide selection of elegant flowers and other gifts hampers including balloons, teddy bears, chocolates, French champagne and the complimentary gift items like vases to Brisbane.

Lily’s Florist Brisbane has been a supplier of fine art of the floristry industry for over 20 years, with a strong dedication of bringing the locals of Brisbane city as well as its surrounding communities’ superlative floral arrangements, gourmet gifts, award-winning designs, and unsurpassed service in Brisbane.

By the way if you need a Gold Coast florist so that you can send same day flowers we would be more than happy to organise that for you.

Our retail store in Brisbane and shopper friendly website offers unique floral designs and gourmet gifts that reflect the essence of our philosophy...only the finest nature can offer.

We believe and pride ourselves in high quality floral products and gift hampers. We custom choose the best flower growers across the world with the highest qualifications as well as capabilities to meet the requirements of even the most discriminating customer in Brisbane.

Majority of the suppliers we source our flowers from have been personally selected to serve on our “Preferred Florist” list that we rely on for the highest quality products. When placing your order with Lily’s Florist Brisbane, be rest assured that our satisfaction guarantee is always our top priority.

While we have grown to countless stores all over Australia, we have never lost focus of what we do best: offering all of our clients the most stunning floral products and gifts with the best possible customer service. This has always made Lily’s Florist Brisbane stand out from the rest. We have made this a tradition which we uphold on a daily basis.Contact us online or through a phone call if you need any more floral information.

Our team of experts in Brisbane is ready to handle any query relating to flowers and gifts. Need a touch of elegance and luxury on your big day? Get in touch with Lily’s Florist Brisbane floral experts and you will never regret it!

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